Come Relax With Us!

Have Hands Will Travel is the beginning of therapeutic massage treatment in Oklahoma City designed to aid in the elimination of those tired, aching, tense, muscles and restoring them to a sense of tranquility. While allowing one to achieve a calmness from everyday pressures; thereby letting them renew in a healthful and healing way.

This is only the beginning of returning to a sense of normalcy while regaining that restored feeling of a renewal of the body. Massage, whether it is physical touch, stone therapy, paraffin therapy, shiatsu, aromatherapy, Reiki, or simply an hour (or more) spent being able to be pampered while forgetting the troubles of the world, has been shown to create a sense of well-being which aids in the restoration of one’s inner balance.

At Have Hands Will Travel in Oklahoma City, an attempt is made to bring into focus those forces which are causing you to feel less than 100% and aid you in dispersing them to restore that sense of balance everyone craves so that the tensions of everyday life seems to melt away thus bringing forth a sense of being able to cope again and a feeling of satisfaction and relief.

Have Hands Will Travel is one of the many sites in Oklahoma City that provides massage to those in need. Although Have Hands Will Travel is a small entity, it remains true to the values expressed within the massage community. Oklahoma City Massage makes every attempt to meet the needs of those who present themselves for various forms of massage therapy.

 Helping one reach that inner calmness and helping to restore tranquility is what Have Hands Will Travel is all about. Our location in Oklahoma City is just south of Interstate 44 on 29th and Classen giving one easy access from either north or south locations in Oklahoma City.